Passenger Facilitation (Porter) Services (PFS)

Passenger Facilitation Services (PFS) which is also known as “Passenger Porter Services” are available in Faisalabad International Airport Karachi on 24/7 basis to facilitate and comfort of passengers. Porter is also assist to get you and your luggage where you need to go, quickly, conveniently and by the shortest route. This service is very much appropriate for the following travelling passengers having heavy and extra Luggage (but not limited): Passenger Facilitation (Porter) Services
Passenger Facilitation (Porter) Services

Baggage is the most cumbersome part of traveling; especially if you’re traveling in a large group or with children and you all need to take care your stuff. AIIAP offers a range of services to make things easier for you.

Porters can help with luggage from DROP-LANE to CHECK-IN counters and from BAGGAGE CLAIM to PICK-UP LANE. If you’re departing, you’ll find the Porter Service Desk at the concourse hall. Alternatively you’ll find them near the Baggage area at Arrival Lounges. For assistance please contact CAA Facilitation Desk.

PFS / Porter Charges;
• Domestic Passengers..............................Rs. 200/-
• International Passengers.........................Rs. 400/-

Passenger Guide / Cautions for Passengers:
• Please acquire the porter ONLY from above designated PFS Counter
• Do not forget to take fresh Copen Slip from Counter Staff
• Ensure the Porter Slip (with printed Serial Number) dully fill with your Flight Number, Date/Time, and Helper/Porter Number, etc…
• Take this Slip on your custody, do not return to the Helper/Porter
• Porter charges only to be given one-time only at the counter against the coupon slip.
• Emphasis only on the services of concerned Porter (available on designated uniform) available by the counter.

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